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Electrical Solutions are an experienced electrical wholesaler to local and international trade, specialising in large scale industrial and commercial projects in emerging countries.

Electrical Solution offering top-notch and guaranteed electrical products at cost effective prices

Currently acting as distributors for wide ranges of products, ensures that we are both competitive in price and more knowledgeable on use for a vast range of electrical goods.

Our ranges of products include:

  • Cable & wiring accessories
  • Electrical distribution equipment
  • Interior & exterior lighting
  • Bulbs, lamps & tubes
  • Switches, sockets and plugs


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A recent case study has proven that by using an interior design firm, you can sell your house much faster than if you stage it yourself.


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Khazana Jwellery

Gurukul Trust - Dehradun

SEBI - Shimla

Galgotia University- Noida

Logix City Center

Microtech - Manesar

R.E.D Mall - Ghaziabad

DPS - Ghaziabad

Parivartan School - Raj nagar